Children’s Residential

iMap is able to offer residential support to children from the age of 8 up to the day before their 18th birthday.

Every child is different and therefore it is important that we can offer a range of services. iMap have two beautiful homes that each provide a variety of support requirements.

iMap aim to provide opportunity and support for our young people to engage in the wider community, access education, build resilience and to prepare the young person for a more independent adult life. We are also committed to consider and support without prejudice or stigma, behaviours of concern and attitudes that have made life difficult for them in the past. We are registered as a provider of care for young people who are diagnosed/awaiting diagnosis/show traits with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), learning difficulties and associated emotional and behavioural needs. Our team are committed to raising awareness of ASC, resilience of and the self-esteem of the young people in our care.

iMap’s Positive Behaviour Support planning team take a lead on development of plans and work in partnership with each young person, their families and other professionals, This partnership work is focused around placement plans which will inform future stability. Where it is possible we aim to achieve family reunification, but when that is not an option we work towards other preferred choices.


In each house, we provide 24-hour care and support. We liaise with families, social workers and associated professionals to make sure that the support offered matches individual needs. At all stages the person we are providing support to is encouraged to be involved in creating a home they feel happy and safe in.

Houses are very spacious and consist of communal areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, spacious gardens, large bathrooms and downstairs toilets.

Each individual that lives with us has their own bedroom, with some being ensuite Bedrooms provide a safe and comfortable space that reflects the individual needs and personalities and can be decorate to individual taste (we have some very vibrant and creative rooms!).

A positive, person-centred approach is key to allowing each person to live a fulfilled adult life. Each individual has a range of care plans and support tools that help promote their independence and choice making. All plans are reviewed on a regular basis with the individual, families, social workers and other associated professionals to ensure they are relevant and productive in promoting independence, choice and life skills whilst also ensuring individuals are safe and secure.

In order to support a person with autism and other learning needs, you must first understand what those needs are. Although a basic concept, actually taking time to really understand a person, their life story, what is important to them, how they communicate with the world around them and why, is so important to us and integral to how we support each and every person. Families that we work with all too often feel that people have previously not taken time to understand their child. At iMap, this is our starting point. We offer many internal resources, training and support options for families and through our knowledge of autism, we developing individual plans that best support the individual to achieve their aspirations. We are committed to providing effective and professional support both within our own service but to extend this to families and professional within their support circle.

Our Aim

In everything we do, we put the interests of the people we support first. We aim to promote an individual’s independence and ability to make choices whilst maintain their wellbeing and safety.

Supporting someone with autism and other complex learning needs effectively can be difficult and take a long time to fully understand their needs. With the right approach - positive progress in the lives of each person can be made.

All staff at iMap undergo comprehensive training both at the start of their iMap career and throughout their time with the organisation. Regardless of whether staff join our team with years of social care experience – or just years of life experience, every member of our team have strong core values and beliefs and have a willingness and commitment to helping and supporting others. All staff have formal qualifications in social care and/or autism – and for those that don’t, we support them to achieve these through a range of training resources.

Our dedicated teams aim to give each individual the skills, resources and confidence they need to live a fulfilled adult life. All training courses are designed to ensure they have the range of skills and understanding needed to be successful.

Our community team offer a range of support services for children of all ages. We appreciate managing work, family and life’s stresses can be difficult and so at iMap we offer the opportunity to build hours around the families requirements.

  • Support to transition home from school and evening activities until Mum or Dad finish work
  • Weekend support to enable families time with other siblings
  • Respite in the home so Mums and Dads can have some time away
  • Transport training to enable our young people to be more independent ready for adulthood
  • Support to attend college or university courses
  • 1:1 to enable a young person to attend work-based opportunities.

Hours can range from 4 hours per week to 98 depending on the young person’s needs.


Contact Us

To discuss how we can support you in the community

We will come out to meet you

This is so we can understand what support needs to look like, who are the best people to provide the support and what you want to achive for the person and your family.

Design a Support Package

We will design a support package that fits in with your needs and requirements and over time, work with you to ensure support remains relevant and meaningful.

Achieve Their Aspirations

Through providing support, we aim to help our individuals to achieve their aspirations whether this be learning the skills needed to travel independently to work, to gaining life skills that enable them to manage their own home.

Contact Details

Barnhouse Lane, Great Barrow, Chester, CH3 7JA