iMap Support

Family Support

Although we support children and adults with autism and complex needs – we also recognise it is not just the individual that often needs understanding from those around them.

The journeys that many of our families have experienced have often been emotionally and physically draining, with little support for their own needs.

At iMap we try to do things differently and work with families – not against them.

What we offer:
A listening ear and time to understand your journey
Free training and support sessions
Opportunities to meet with other families and to share experiences and support
Ability to have your say in how we shape the organisation
An open and honest approach
The ability to be involved in recruitment for your child
Regular review meetings at times to suit you – including evenings and weekends
iMap Support

Your Support: At iMap we will always endeavour to:


We will listen to your needs, wishes and desires.
We will accept and recognise the issues you face and continue to face.
We will be open minded to different points of view.


We will offer knowledge, skills and confidence in order that you may realise your full potential.
We want you to make positive decisions about what you want.


We will seek to offer a positive vision for your future, to instill self-belief and a desire to achieve.

What can you expect from iMap?

To provide you with quality support

To meet your individual needs

To promote your independence

To support you to make choices about your life

To support you to achieve your goals

To fully involve you in decisions about your support

Contact Details

Barnhouse Lane, Great Barrow, Chester, CH3 7JA