Delamere Street

 Delamere Street is a five bedded property situated in the Cheshire town of Winsford. The home has two storeys, consisting of a newly decorated lounge, dining room and fitted kitchen. Bedrooms are tailored to the young person’s personal taste and choice in furnishings is paramount when preparing a room. All bedrooms are single occupancy. The young people share two bathrooms in this setting.

There are two patio areas located at the rear of the property, which offer a safe space to enjoy the outside, access to garden furniture, opportunities to plant vegetables in the ‘allotment area’ or flowers in various pots. There is a summer house which is designed as another safe space for young people to relax in. Play equipment for various activities is also readily available. Cooking and washing facilities are accessible to all of the residents in the home and they are actively encouraged to prepare food and when appropriate wash their own clothes. Each young person has a single bedroom to which they hold their own key (where appropriate).

The home is located in a community that offers good local amenities and access to local services.

Contact Details

Barnhouse Lane, Great Barrow, Chester, CH3 7JA