Fern House

Fern House is a six bedded property situated in rural Cheshire on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Frodsham. The home is a sizeable property spread over two storeys, consisting of six individualised living suites. Each suite includes a bedroom, lounge area, and an en-suite bathroom for each young person. There is a range of lounge and social areas as well as various fitted kitchens to help develop the young person’s independent living skills. Fern House also has a large multi-use activity area and two sensory rooms. All living suites are tailored to the young person’s taste, and their choice in furnishings and decorations is paramount when preparing a room. All living suites are single occupancy, and each young person holds their key (where appropriate). Fern House is situated in two acres of grounds, which includes a contained area that can allow for the safe de-escalation of heightened levels of arousal. There are sensory walks, access to space for physical activity, and an organic garden area which allow our young people the opportunity to learn the skills to grow and produce their own food. There is also play equipment for various activities. Cooking and washing facilities are accessible to all of the young people and they are actively encouraged to prepare food and, when appropriate, wash their own clothes.

The home is located on the outskirts of Delamere Forest, and although has the benefits of being situated within the open countryside, is still only few minutes away from local amenities and community facilities. Fern House offers a friendly and welcoming staff team who enjoy arranging and participating in outings and family visits. We have a number of vehicles specifically for the use of the young people who live at Fern house – however, as a team, we try and encourage the use of public transport as much as possible to promote independence and confidence in getting to know the local area (with staff support if necessary).

Young people on the autistic spectrum, who have complex emotional presentations and engage in high levels of behaviours of concern, are at risk of experiencing a reduced quality of life, exclusions from education, peers, and the wider community.

The main purpose of Fern Houses’ young people’s home is to provide an opportunity for their continued growth and development. Fern Houses’ specialist staff team will support young people to build resilience and key skills so concerning behaviours will be reduced – this will allow the young person to achieve a valid social role, access education, and prepare for a more independent adult life.

Fern House is committed to consider and support without prejudice or stigma. All types of behavioural concern and the societal attitudes that have historically made life difficult for the individuals displaying such patterns of behaviour. Fern House is registered as a provider of care for young people who are either diagnosed with autism, currently on a diagnostic pathway, or those who show traits of autism. We also provide care to those young people who may have intellectual disabilities or other associated emotional and behavioural needs.

Fern House endeavours to enhance the lives and experiences of each young person and their levels of self-esteem by creating and maximising safe opportunities in which they can learn, develop, and realise appropriate degrees of self determination. We will achieve this by working in partnership with each young person and their families (where appropriate) and other key individuals. This partnership work is focused around the placement and transition plans, which will inform future stability – where we may aim to achieve family reunification, but when that is not an option, we work towards other preferred choices.

Our team at Fern House is committed to raising awareness of autism, alongside the resilience and self-esteem of the young people in our care. We aim to respond proactively to behaviours of concern and develop appropriate strategies to reduce the immediate and long-term impact of behaviours of concern. Fern Houses’ internal behaviour therapy team will take the lead on the development of any positive and proactive support plans and any necessary behavioural interventions. The team will also work in co-production with external agencies to aid this process, as and when necessary.

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