RP’s Story

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RP’s Story

"The staff always have the best interests of all the people at the centre of what they do".

RP started life in a very unsettled family and through his early years had great difficulty communicating his wants and wishes in a way others would understand. Unfortunately, this led to several exclusions from different schools following increased aggressive behaviour and subsequently, this young boy was supported by a number of different providers, all of which were unable to meet his needs.  The move through various support teams had a significant impact on his self esteem and confidence and ability to trust others and when we first met him found that a fear of failure, and of being expelled was a big factor in his reluctance to engage with learning.

When he first came to stay with us, his frustration and inability to communicate his needs in a way others would understand resulted in significant damage to the school environment and led to parts of the school needing to be closed for a number of days. Despite this, his new support team both within School, and his new residential home, were patient and understanding. Previously, aggression and damage to the environment had been met with physical restraint and exclusion. iMap however, avoid hands on intervention at all costs, instead withdrawing, whilst ensuring that both him and others were safe. Slowly, over time, staff support RP to develop skills and techniques to help with his frustrations, never giving up on him and always praising even the smallest of achievements.


His confidence also soon developed around many other interests and activities such as horticulture, cooking, physical activity and art.

 In the four and a half years that this young boy was with us he blossomed into an incredible young man.   Starting his journey with two staff supporting him at all times and having previously lasted no longer than a few months with each previous provider, he eventually moved on from iMap after completing three successful years in school and a further 12 months at a local college, gaining an Entry Level 3 in Skills for Life and Work.

RP identified mid way through his time with us that he wanted his own independence in adulthood and so through much planning with his Local Authority, eventually moved into his own tenancy with minimal support.

 RP once joked to a new student in school that was feeling insecure and miss trusting of professionals as he once had, ‘that he had been trying to leave for years, but his team wouldn’t have it’ letting the young person know that no matter what they did, his team simply wouldn’t give up on them’

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