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Our flexible, tailored service helps children and adults with autism and/or learning difficulties or complex health needs, that live in and around the Northwest to build their confidence and develop independence.

We aim to support each person's progress, so any work we do with the people we support is logged and used to provide evidence of improvement and engagement.

Activities we offer:

  • goal setting;
  • strategies to keep safe;
  • maintaining relationships with family and friends;
  • supporting young people back into school services;
  • supporting people to attend college and university;
  • developing independent living skills;
  • transition into independent living;
  • using public transport;
  • taking part in community activities and accessing facilities;
  • building confidence and self esteem;
  • developing a healthy life style.

Environment and facilities

  • We aim to help everyone who uses our service to progress, build confidence and gain new skills. Before we start we’ll sit with each person and discuss their needs, wants and aspirations. Together, we create a flexible, individualised package that suits them.
  • Our support is flexible and can be used short term or long term depending on an individual's requirements.

Our team

  • Our staff have a range of skills and knowledge so that we can offer the right help to each person with autism and/or learning difficulties. All our staff receive autism-specific training, which they build upon throughout their career, and take a person-centred approach, putting the people who use our service at the heart of what we do.

Person-centred approach

  • Our service encourages people to take charge of their lives. They are at the centre of our planning process, and we work closely with them to create their individual programme and to put it into practice. Our experience enables us to communicate with people with autism and to help them to express what they want so that they can develop and thrive. We also ensure that family, carers, friends and staff are full partners in the planning process.
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What's next?

If you have any questions, or would like to have a free and confidential chat with us, please call us on 01829 741869 and ask to speak to Nicola Smith, or alternatively get in touch with us using our contact form.