Barrowmore school @ iMap

iMap School Awarded National Autistic Society Accreditation

The UK’s leading autism charity NAS has recognised that our school and staff have a specialist knowledge of evidence-informed approaches associated with good autism practice and that we are able to adapt these specialist approaches so that support is person-centred and tailored to individual qualities, abilities, interests, preferences, and challenges.


At our iMap school, we continue to provide a low arousal, structured school environment, and the school has provided learning spaces which are adapted to meet sensory preferences and are personalised for each pupil.


This is not an easy achievement, but through pure determination and hard work from all the staff iMap is proud to receive the stamp of approval from the leading autism charity in the UK. The key to this achievement can be explained through our company ethos:


“Through understanding we will empower each individual to achieve their aspirations.”


True understanding of autism and the pupils we support is how we empower them to take control of their lives, to help them do the things neurotypical people can do without much thought, paying bills, job applications etc. Along with standard education, we simulate these events to better prepare them for the outside world so that they can lead a more fulfilling and stress-free life.


For example, one day, before COVID-19, we created a polling station, with voting cards and booths where staff and locals came down to vote. We did this because it gets them used to the real world, and some of the young people were soon almost old enough to vote.


“The school could not have achieved this accreditation without the hard work of the staff, they have a positive outlook and encourage all pupils to make progress from their starting points.  I am incredibly proud to be the principal of the school, and of the staff team.  We are aware we now need to continue our journey with NAS and recognise we can further develop self-reliance and independence for each pupil. “ - Sharon Beddow, Principal.

Posted on Monday, 26th July 2021