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Quick & Easy Sensory Bags

It can be hard, particularly in this dreary cold weather, to keep everyone entertained. The internet is awash with interesting and innovative things to do. Finding easy things that aren’t going to take you two days to prep isn’t as simple as you might think. So Liz, our Resource Coordinator, has month and make all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

This month Liz is going to make sensory bags.


What you’ll need:

(You can click on the items in the list and see exactly what Liz used and where to get them.)

To start choose either your bubble bath or shower gel and pour enough in to the freezer bag that it’s roughly 2/3 full. Then add the glitter, you can add as much or as little as you like in whatever colours you want. Make sure you squeeze and squish the bag to mix the glitter in to the bubble bath/shower gel.

To tape up the bag, you can do this any way you want as long as it is secured well.

The way I found best was to fold the end over a number of times before putting the duct tape over it. 


Liz's Top Tips

  • Add the glitter after the bubble bath/shower gel as otherwise it will stick to the sides of the freezer bag.


  • Have a cup of tea and leave the bag open for 10 minutes or so, this will let the air bubbles come out on their own and make it easier later.


  • Choose a shower gel or bubble bath that smells as it adds another dimension.


Liz's Scores

  • Difficulty Rating - *

    Really easy, I have done this since with children as young as 3 and it's been really successful.


  • Speed - *

    It took less than five minutes, not counting the wait for the air bubbles to come out. It takes a little longer if you have children or young people helping but it is still quick.


  • Longevity - ***

    It lasted fairly well, particularly with younger children, however with the older children the bag can be torn. It also won't last more than about a day.  


  • Fun - ***

    If you like sensory bags then these are great, you can put anything you want in them, I did a really fun one with waterbeads and shower gel. 

Posted on Friday, 3rd February 2017