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Supported Living Services

Our specialist supported living service enables people with autism and/or learning difficulties, and complex health needs to live in their own home, whether as tenants, alone or with others, and to achieve personal goals.  We aim to maximise independence and ensure that the people we support enjoy a fulfilled life.

A person-centred service

We provide sensitive and professional support to people facing various and complex challenges.  By placing each person's needs at the centre of what we do, we give them the opportunity to use their own preferred method of communication to share what is important to them and to make their own choices.

Each person and their support network are involved in developing their own person-centred planning programmes.  Regular reviews are held according to need, with input from the person using our service and anyone involved with their wellbeing.

The support we offer

We can offer support from just a couple of hours a week to up to 24-hours a day throughout the year, depending on a person's preferences and needs.

With an active local community right on our doorstep, we encourage people using our service to get out and about in the area.  With our support, people take part in a variety of activities which encourage confidence and independence, and allow them to play an active role in their community.

Each person chooses the activities they want to engage in and we make the most of local outdoor recreational facilities, keep fit classes,  cafes and restaurants, community-run classes, and the local market and shops.  We also offer evening activities such as trips to the cinema, roller-skating, visits to a social club, and monthly discos.

We maintain excellent links with local colleges, and support those who want to find work, whether voluntary or paid, or want to further their education.

Our staff

All supported living services are delivered by our own fully-trained and supervised staff, who work enthusiastically to deliver high-quality support. Our dedicated team aims to give each person they work with the skills, resources and confidence to connect with their local community and establish positive links with the people around them.

Our aim

In everything we do, we put the interests of people with autism and/or learning difficulties or complex health needs first. Our aim is to ensure not only that the needs of each person are fully met but that their needs are positively promoted and understood by local services and throughout the local community.

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What's next?

If you have any questions, or would like to have a free and confidential chat with us, please call us on 01829 741869 and ask to speak to Nicola Smith, or alternatively get in touch with us using our contact form.