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Residential Care

  • We have a number of houses and bungalows in the mid Cheshire area around Winsford and Northwich .
  • All the properties are detatched , spacious , with good outside space and access to local communities and facilities . 
  • All houses provide 24 hour care and support to the service users who live there.

But most important our service provides a person-centred service…

In each house, we provide 24 hour care and support. We liaise with the service users, families, social workers and associated professionals to make sure that the support offered matches service user’s specific, individual needs.

Both houses are very spacious and consist of communal areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, spacious gardens, large bathrooms and downstairs toilets.

Each service user has their own bedroom with some being ensuite. These areas are private to each service user. The bedrooms provide a safe and comfortable space that reflects the individual needs of each of our service users.  We work with the service users and their families to make sure their personal spaces reflect their own personalities, needs and choices.

The support we offer…

A person-centred approach is the key in allowing each service user to live a fulfilled adult life. Each service user has individual care plans that help promote their independence and choice making. Each care plan is reviewed on a regular basis with the service users, families, social workers and other associated professionals to ensure they are relevant and productive in promoting independence, choice and life skills whilst also maintaining the service users are safe and secure.

Each house is equipped to help support the service users in their daily lives. We use symbols around the house as visual clues that identify to the service users which room they’re in and what each room has to offer. We promote communal living and socialisation both within the homes and out in the community.

In order to support a person with autism and other learning needs, you must first understand what those needs are. At iMap, we offer many internal resources and throughout our extensive knowledge of autism, we are effective in developing individual care plans that best help to support each service user. We are committed to provided effective and professional support both within our own service and the use of external professionals.

Our staff…

The staffs at both homes are delivered by iMap and are fully-trained and supervised. Our staff work enthusiastically to deliver high-quality support and learning to the service users.

Our dedicated teams aim to give each service user the skills, resources and confidence they need to live a fulfilled adult life. Our staffs are fully trained in adult safeguarding and PROACT-SCIP UK and deliver 24 hour care.

There is an emphasis in both the homes on staff developing effective relationships with the service users where they develop knowledge and understanding of each service user they support. This allows a much more personal support ethic from our staff and enables them to more effectively have positive impacts on the service users’ behaviours and wellbeing. 

Our aim…

In everything we do, we put the interests of the service users living in both homes first. Our aim is to ensure not only the needs of each person are fully met but that their needs are positively provided and understood by local services and throughout the local community.

We aim to promote an individual’s independence and ability to make choices whilst maintain their wellbeing and safety.

Supporting someone with autism and other complex learning needs effectively can be difficult and take a long time. With the right approach and understanding, positive changes in the lives of the service users can be made. 

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What's next?

If you have any questions, or would like to have a free and confidential chat with us, please call us on 01829 741869 and ask to speak to Nicola Smith, or alternatively get in touch with us using our contact form.